I’ve wanted to capture a Sutro Bath engagement for quite some time now. When Mina + Joe told me they wanted to have their photos taken in San Francisco I knew exactly where we were going and was beyond excited to do so . Upon flying into SFO, I received an immediate greeting from that brisk Bay Area breeze that I had been missing. I hopped in the car with Mina + Joe and we were off for our day in the city together. On our drive into SF we talked about the coolest international school trips these two had taken during college, their love of skateboarding, and Joe’s secret rapping skills. We stopped off at a little Mexican restaurant before the shoot to fuel up and I enjoyed one of the best chorizo breakfast burritos I’ve ever had.

We arrived early to the Sutro Baths to walk around and do some scouting. Besides for the day’s cold weather we had the good fortune of enjoying clear skies and little to no wind. Mina + Joe brought with them some great looking outfits that were perfectly suited for San Fran and the Sutro Baths set the perfect backdrop for the two. Mina’s first outfit was a gorgeous blush dress with beautiful crocheted detail complimented by Joe who kept it clean and casual.

Being that this was their first time to the baths, I wanted to ensure that Mina + Joe got to see everything and really take it in. To get the full experience, we walked over the rocks along the Pacific, explored an old cave, and even ventured into an off limits zone that offered us a gorgeous, almost 100 year-old brick staircase. Mina’s flowing white dress contrasted beautifully with the warm rocks around her and Joe made sure to hug her tight and keep her warm from the cool evening breeze rolling in.

As the sun began to dip and the warm golden light of the evening approached we made our way back up to the overlook above the baths. During the last few moments of the day Mina + Joe showed off their skateboarding skills and watched the sun set together. Working with couples as sweet and in love as these two is what truly makes me love what I do the most and I can’t wait to see them tie the knot next year!


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