Southern California Beach Engagement | Ellie + Trevor

Southern California Beach Engagement

Ellie and Trevor traveled all the way from Hong Kong to Laguna for a Southern California beach engagement shoot. We were originally scheduled to meet in Malibu, but the date chosen coincided with the Woolsey fires that devastated the area last year. Because of this, I suggested that we instead drive down to Laguna Beach. Fortunately for us, there is no shortage of beautiful coastlines in California to play with.

We met on a warm November evening and had the beach almost completely to ourselves. This is always a pleasure because we can run up and down the sand without anyone in the photos. It’s also helpful to not have many people around when having romantic photos of yourself and your partner captured for the first time. Ellie and Trevor were pretty fortunate for the warm water that day as they were mostly surrounded by the crashing waves. 

We chatted as we walked along the sand and across the algae-covered rocks. They shared about their wedding plans in Hong Kong later the following year, how they met, and their bunny, Snowball. We hung out at the beach until the sun dipped behind the ocean and everyone else left. They both really opened up once it was just us. This allowed me to capture some truly romantic and unique shots for them.

It’s so flattering to have couples entrust me to document such a special time in their lives. It’s even more humbling when they fly from the other side of the world for me to do so! We ended the session with smiles on our faces, sand in our hair, and new memories. I can’t wait to see them both again (hopefully in Hong Kong) and finally meet Snowball.

Photography | Alex W Photography

Film Lab | Richard Photo Lab

Film Stock | Fujifilm 400h  Ilford Delta HP5

Southern California beach engagement