Santa Barbara Engagement | Joanna + Ryan

Santa Barbara Engagement

This dreamy Santa Barbara engagement session has everything I could hope for from working with a couple. I had the pleasure of photographing an incredibly fun (and ridiculously good-looking) pair of human beings that are head-over-heels in love with one another. We had the pleasure of traveling to one of my favorite Central Coast locations- the Santa Barbara sand dunes. From my first meeting with Joanna and Ryan, we hit it off immediately. I loved bouncing ideas off of one another for the most epic place we could travel to for their engagement session. As soon as they saw another session I had done earlier at a separate set of dunes they were sold.

It was cool and overcast on the day we met. The sun was hidden behind the clouds but we had the softest, most beautiful light to play with. The sand dunes were a 25-minute walk from the parking lot where we rendezvoused so as we headed over to our first location of the day we chatted about their wedding plans, favorite recipes they cook for one another, and all of their upcoming travels.

Joanna & Ryan’s outfits were wonderfully classy and timeless. Joanna rocked a stunning white off-the-shoulder dress white beautiful gold adornments on the arm and Ryan looked like he walked straight out of a movie with his button-down white shirt and Hollywood quality hair. Upon arriving at the dunes we were greeted with a seemingly endless rolling landscape that we had entirely to ourselves. The wind was calm and you could hear the seagulls off in the distance. It was pure magic. As we ran around the dunes together I captured endless amounts of kisses, sweet embraces, and full-on belly laughs. They just made it too easy for me!

We ended the session with a brisk romp in the Pacific and then headed back to our cars before we lost the last bit of daylight. I had the absolute best time with these two at their Santa Barbara engagement at the sand dunes and I can’t wait for their wedding later this year.